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How to add trading account to Consilium Invest

428 days ago

The process of adding trading account is well described on the portal, as well as in the video below. But it’s good to have it on the blog too for easy use. Without adding your trading account you are able to do many things, including viewing or adding ideas, commenting ideas, liking ideas and comments, following users, and viewing strategies (without current and pending orders). Adding a verified trading account is, however, the key to the most important functionality of the portal: following and sharing strategies. So, how to do it?

To open a trade account you have to:
2.    Click ADD ACCOUNT
3.    Enter your account number
4.    Select your broker
5.    Select your trading platform


Then it is very important to verify your trade account correctly. In order to do this:
1.    Open your MT4 or MT5 platform ang go to Tools -> Options -> FTP



2.    Enter the data which will appear to the appropriate fields:

  • FTP Server
  • FTP login
  • FTP password
  • Account number

3.    Check the ‚Passive mode’ box.
4.    Check the ‚Enable automatic publishing of reports via FTP’ box.
5.    Make sure the ‚FTP path’ box is empty as by default.
6.    Click on ‚Test’ and then click OK
7.    Go back to this page and click VERIFY below.

There is also a short video, that show how to correctly add your trading account.