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Take part in Consilium Invest BETA version

For more than a year and a half we were preparing a completely new version of Consiliuminvest.com. The main goal of the portal is to connect  experience investors, who want to share their knowledge with traders, who wish to learn something more about currency market. Join the BETA  version of website and take a part of creating new Consilium Invest….. Read all

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How to register to the new Consilium Invest

Joining the real trading society couldn’t be any simpler. It’s very easy to set up a new account and a new profile. We’ll show you how to do it in this step by step tutorial. In order to open an account on you have to: 1.    Click REGISTER in the top-right corner or click here 2.    Enter your e-mail address…. Read all

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How to add trading account to Consilium Invest

The process of adding trading account is well described on the portal, as well as in the video below. But it’s good to have it on the blog too for easy use. Without adding your trading account you are able to do many things, including viewing or adding ideas, commenting ideas, liking ideas and comments, following users, and viewing strategies…. Read all


New Consilium Invest is up and running

Over one year and a half of hard work is now coming to the public. We’re introducing a reinvented Consilium Invest – the ultimate trading society, where traders around the world share their trading ideas, Forex strategies and trades. No words can describe what is the new Consilium Invest – it’s best to see it on your own eyes. What…. Read all

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